Thursday, July 17, 2008

London Funeral

The funeral will take place on Thursday July 24th, 2008 at Mortlake Crematorium at 9am.  Reverend Ernest Forward will conduct the service. 

If anyone knows of other services let us know.


Laura said...

Memorial in Arizona:
For many of us here at ASU who knew Charlie Lockwood this is a tremendously sad week. Charlie was a vibrant part of ASU not too many years ago and we gained so much from knowing him as a colleague,
teacher, and friend.
We are planning a small gathering in memory of
Charlie this Friday, July 18, at Papago Park (Ramada #11) starting at 5pm. Please feel welcome to come and share your favorite memories, photographs and stories. Please let us know if you plan to attend
( and

Mitchell said...

Although we did not know Buddy well, we were neighbors of his parents and our deepest heartfelt sympathies go out to your family. We hope you find solace in the great impact he left on friends, family, colleagues and the scientific community as a whole.

Mitchell, Nan, Jack and Briggs

Anonymous said...

You can view photos of the memorial held in Arizona at (password = ethiopia). You may also post your digital photos and comment on photos others have posted.

kate said...

I must admit I only knew Charlie on a more social basis. I was a student at ASU, and I never took a course with him; however, as most of my friends were part of the IHO, I came to know Charlie through them. I will say that I'm still in disbelief. I keep thinking that it can't be true, and that I've remembered things incorrectly - that it can't be Charlie who has passed away. Charlie was a great man, a wonderful scholar, and he had so much to offer to all with whom he crossed paths - even for those of us who were casual acquaintances. I'm saddened, profoundly, and my heart goes out to his family, his dear friends, his students and those he mentored, as well as to all of those he impacted in one way or another.

My condolences to all,

Terry and Hillary said...

From an NCSSM classmate in Germany:
Buddy is how we met him in 1986 and that is how we will forever remember the gentle, brilliant, quiet, sweet young man in Durham. As we are currently stationed in Stuttgart, Germany, we had just caught up with Buddy via facebook. We had discussed plans of meeting him in London in August - before his much anticipated move to South Africa. My husband and I both considered Buddy a special friend and were so looking forward to catching up with him and his worldwide adventures at our 20th Reunion October 10-12th, 2008. There will be a reunion page added for Buddy in the reunion book we are organizing. There will also be a moment of silence in remembrance. We can be reached at

Our sympathies go out to all of Buddy's family, friends, and colleagues. You are all in our prayers. He is truly missed.

Hillary (VanderGast) Baggett and Terry Baggett NCSSM class of '88

Anonymous said...

The Shutterfly Collection for Buddy has been updated (8/10/08). (password = ethiopia)

Anonymous said...

The password has been removed from the Shutterfly site for easier viewing.